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Watch Sony's Tokyo Game Show Press Conference Live

Pre show event to be broadcast live. Details coming tomorrow.

Sony's Tokyo Game Show 2010 booth.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan will be holding a pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference on the 14th. But like last year's press conference, it's not just for press. The general public will be able to watch the event live.

In a post at the PlayStation Community Site blog today, CEO Hiroshi Kawano promised details on the broadcast at Sony's newly opened Tokyo Game Show special site (which, as of this writing is still a Tokyo Game Show 2012 site) on the 9th.

It should be noted that unlike last year, Sony's conference will take place the day before the show and not on the first day of the show. Last year's press conference took up a good two hours and included the announcement of games like Dark Souls and Dynasty Warriors 7.

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