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Gamers Select Toro the Cat (or possibly Dan) for Street Fighter x Tekken Appearance


Capcom's Yoshinori Ono asked readers of Sony's PlayStation Vita community site what character they want to see in Street Fighter x Tekken. And by wide margin, this is who's currently coming out on top.

It's Sony's mascot character Toro the cat! Toro currently has 300 votes, far ahead of the 43 of second place Sakura and 33 of third place Alisa. Poor Christie has just 9 votes.

It's possible players were actually voting for Dan rather than Toro, as the Toro column in the poll was written as "Dan" crossed out and replaced with Toro. Or maybe players want to give Kuma a potential rival (lover?).

Note: the results of this poll are not legally binding (unless Toro receives at least 500 votes).

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