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Monster Hunter Finds New Home on 3DS

Next numbered entry in development for Nintendo portable.


The Monster Hunter franchise has a new home, and it's 3DS. A 3DS version of Monster Hunter 3 in the form of Monster Hunter 3G was widely expected ahead of its announcement last week. Today, Capcom revealed that Monster Hunter 4 is also in development for the system.

The appearance of MH4 on 3DS is a more significant development than 3G. Since the first Monster Hunter, all "main" numbered entries have appeared on consoles, including the first two games on PlayStation 2 and MH3 on Wii.

The game's announcement came at Nintendo's 3DS press conference earlier today. A teaser trailer showed what looked like a more action-oriented Monster Hunter, with platforming elements. No details were provided, so it's unclear what form the new game will take.

At the press conference, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata confirmed that the new numbered Monster Hunter is in development for 3DS, but did not provide a release time frame or specifics.

Monster Hunter 3G did get a release date, though. Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto announced a release date of December 10, a Saturday. Pricing is set at ¥5,800. Tsujimoto shared a first trailer for the game and also promised some 3DS-like features to be announced later.

The controller attachment that was shown in Famitsu's introduction article on Monster Hunter 3G last week was nowhere to be found at today's event. Nintendo actually has yet to formally announce it outside of the Famitsu article.

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