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First Look: Square Enix's 3DS RPG Bravely Default


Square Enix has a new RPG in development for 3DS. Titled Bravely Default, the game promises a classic style RPG experience, while at the same time offering new features through a mysterious AR card system. The game is produced by Tomoya Asano and has characters from Akihiko Yoshida.

You can get a sampling of the game via the Nintendo 3DS e-Shop. Square Enix has made available an "AR Demo App" at the e-Shop. This special promotion video makes use of a special AR card, which can be obtained at the Tokyo Game Show later this week, and via the game's official site starting on September 22.

Square Enix will have a giant AR card in its booth at the Tokyo Game Show, allowing visitors to view life-size versions of the characters. In a video clip at Nintendo's press conference information site, Asano said the game will have a demo booth at TGS, but it's unclear if this means attendees will actually get to play the game itself or if he's referring to the AR demonstration.

Visit Nintendo's information page for footage of the game and of industry VIPs playing the AR app. Square Enix also opened a teaser site today.

Producer Tomoya Asano showing off the game's special AR card.

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