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Dynasty Warriors VS Multiplayer Detailed

Form a team of three generals and face off against three friends in the first 3DS Dynasty Warriors game.


The latest "Musou" game for 3DS is the multiplayer focused Dynasty Warriors VS. Revealed at today's Nintendo 3DS press conference event, the game is the first Dynasty Warriors title for the 3DS, and follows up on Tecmo Koei's Samurai Warriors Chronicle launch title.

In an interview with Famitsu.com that was posted after the conference, producer Kenichi Ogasawara shared a few details on the game's multiplayer combat system. The game supports combat between up to four players.

Each player forms a team consisting of three generals. You switch off between members of this team as you face off against your rival players. Your goal is to take out your rivals' headquarters, which are equipped with the equivalent of hitpoints that deplete as you attack.

The basics of combat and control will remain the same as that of past Dynasty Warriors games. However, the game will have new elements. Amongst these are a system akin to status modifying magic found in RPGs. These can be used to strengthen your allies or weaken your opponents.

Dynasty Warriors VS will be released in 2012. Access the game's official site here and Nintendo's information page for a video.

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