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In this week's Famitsu: Square Enix's Vita launch title, Ys Vita, and God Eater 2

PSP shows no sign of slowing down even as Vita's release approaches. (God Eater, shown above)

A few preliminary details have leaked out about Sony's surprise Tokyo Game Show lineup from this week's Famitsu. Assuming this is legit (and it usually is), here's what we'll be hearing about later in day at Sony's big press conference:

  • Jikoku no Gundan (Armies of Hell): Square Enix, PlayStation Vita
  • Lord of Apocalypse: Square Enix, PlayStation Vita and PSP
  • Ys: Falcom, PlayStation Vita
  • God Eater 2: Namco Bandai, PlayStation Portabe

Of these, Armies of Hell is planned for launch. It will support four player simultaneous play and apparently looks at first glance like a mix of Musou (Dynasty Warriors) and Monster Hunter.

Lord of Apocalypse has character designs from Tsubasa Masao, who previously worked on Four Warriors of Light, Tactics Ogre and various Kojima Productions titles.

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