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Square Enix's PlayStation Vita Titles Detailed

Lord of Apocalypse and Armies of Hell both due in 2011.


Famitsu has first details on not one, but two Square Enix PlayStation Vita games this week. Here's what we've heard so far on Armies of Hell and Lord of Apocalypse.

Armies is set in hell, where you face off against demons. You take control of an army of 100 goblins, and must defeat roaming demons as you advance. The game will support four player simultaneous play.

Square Enix is teaming up with developer Enterphere for the game's development (official site here). The game will have a song from United.

Armies of Hell will launch with the PlayStation Vita (the magazine does not say when that is).

Lord of Apocalypse is an action RPG supporting one to four players. The game has character designs from Tsubasa Masao and will have a major voice cast that includes Shizuka Itou and Tomokazu Sugita (him again!). You'll be able to create a character using a character making feature.

The name "Lord of Apocalypse" may conjure up images of Square Enix's Lord of Vermilion arcade title. The game is said to have the same "world view" as that title. Without seeing the magazine, I'm not sure if this means it's set in the same world or it just has a similar style

Lord of Apocalypse is also due in 2011, but it's for both PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita.

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