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Vita Software Release List Mentions New Level-5 RPG and Other Surprises


There are some some big surprises on Sony's newly announced title list for PlayStation Vita.

Glancing at the list, we saw the following:

  • Shin Megami Tensei Series (Index/Atlus)
  • Maplus Portable Navi 4 (Eddy)
  • Strategy RPG (Alpha Unit)
  • New Title (Gust)
  • Two unannounced games from GungHo
  • New Shooter (Cave)
  • "Soccer Title" (Konami -- what could it be?)
  • "Baseball Title" (Konami -- what could it be?)
  • Anime Action (Namco Bandai)
  • New action RPG, action game, fantasy RPG and simulation RPG from Marvelous
  • TBA (Mages)
  • Various educational games from Media Five
  • "New Level-5 RPG" from Level-5

This is in addition to the many games that were announced at today's press conference, including Final Fantasy X (Square Enix) and Tales o Innocence R.

Sony notes that in addition to the game's 26 strong launch lineup, it and its third party partners have over 74 titles in development for the system.

You can see Sony's full Japanese list here.

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