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Three Ways to Buy PlayStation Vita

Find out what's in the box.


PlayStation Vita is launching on December 17. Sony made the big release date announcement at its pre Tokyo Game Show press conference today.

Buyers will have just Crystal Black to choose from at launch. However, Sony is offering three bundles.

The base model includes the Wi-Fi Vita system, a USB cable, AC adapter, power cord and manuals. This is priced ¥24,980.

The "limited edition" model includes the 3G and Wi-Fi Vita system, a USB cable, AC adapter, power cord, manuals, and a SIM card with 20 hours of pre paid 3G credits. This is priced ¥29,980.

The "first run" edition is the same as the "limited edition," but it includes a 100 hour prepaid card. It's priced ¥29,980.

The first run version is limited to 500,000 units. Once this supply runs out, it will be replaced with the limited edition.

Sony and its retail partners will be holding pre-orders for the system starting October 15.

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