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Tales of Innocence R is a "Reimagining" of the original

Scenario and battle system being redone. New characters, too!

From the original DS version.

What does the "R" in PlayStation Vita's Tales of Innocence R stand for? In comments shared at Namco Bandai's Tales of Innocence R Tokyo Game Show page, the game's producers hint that this is a remake rather than a sequel.

The "R" doesn't stand for remake, though. According to producer Ryuji Odate, the "R" stands for more than just "Remake." The game's theme is "Reimagination." They're redoing the scenario, battle and other areas. The game will also have a new opening.

The latest issue of Jump shows a new characters, Kyu Kyu, a young girl who's come from a different world claiming to be an archaeology student. She wears an eye patch, and not much else.

Expect additional details tomorrow as the game goes playable in Sony's Tokyo Game Show booth.

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