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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets Post Release Download Content

FFXIII-2 is due for Japanese release on December 15, just ahead of the two year anniversary of the original.

Interviews with FFXIII-2 developers Motomu Toriyama and Yoshinori Kitase always include a question about download content, and the two always seem to respond with a vague "under consideration."

Today, Square enix confirmed it. The game will be getting post-release download content.

Details behind this were not announced today, but Square Enix said that the content will let players enjoy the game to a greater depth.

While not strictly download content, those wanting to further enjoy the game can look forward to some pre-release content in the form of "Final Fantasy XIII Lost Report." This will be distributed through the game's official site and will offer a look back at FFXIII's story from the perspective of two characters you might remember, Rygdea and Yaag Rosch.

The Lost Report story will be released in six chapters in September. Square Enix says that it's only planned for Japan, but we can probably expect FF fanatics to immediately translate it into English.

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