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Sony Disses Capcom's Yoshinori Ono; Ono Proceeds to Diss Namco Bandai


Capcom fighting game and Monster Hunter Frontier Online producer Yoshinori Ono has some issues with Sony regarding the positioning of Street Fighter x Tekken in the first party PlayStation Vita booth.

Via Twitter today, Ono complained that the SF x Tekken kiosks are off the main pathway in Sony's booth. The game isn't even on the guide signs showing the booth's attractions. This is despite Ono having made a lengthy appearance at Sony's press conference yesterday, he noted.

Later in the day, Ono did some dissing of his own.

Ono says he was passing by what he thought was a Monster Hunter stage, but it turned out to be a God Eater 2 stage. That gets two Oh Snaps!

You can keep up with Ono's Tokyo Game Show exploits at Twitter.

Here he is putting the moves on Love Plus girlfriend Rinko (or possibly trying to eat her).

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