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Tokyo Game Show Visitors Rush Social Games Booths

Death of console gaming or opportunity to make profits and buy more console games?


Want to get people to come to Tokyo Game Show to play your crappy cell phone games? Mobage and GREE know the technique: limited edition cards.

The GREE booth, shown above in a photo from Nikkei Trendy, is among the larger booths at TGS, and yesterday it was the target of many jokes because it seemed to have more booth babes than actual visitors. Nikkei Tredy reports that this changed today as the show opened up to the public. The booth was packed with people from opening time.

No, attendees didn't rush the booths to experience the future of social gaming now. They actually just wanted the limited edition cards that were being given to visitors. The cards contain codes that can be used in the games, and they're also collectibles.

In the case of Konami's Dragon Collection, which Konami said during its earnings report last month is the number one title on the GREE service, fans rushed the booths early in the morning, causing the cards to run out by noon. More cards will be available on the second day of the show. There were similar scenes in the main booths of GREE and rival Mobage.

The cards are apparently in such demand that the more limited types are fetching high auction prices. Yahoo Auctions shows listings for Dragon Collections cards as high as ¥3,900.

A Dragon Collection card. This one had reached ¥2,100 with 21 bids and two hours left.

So console developers may not have to worry just yet about social games completely taking over Tokyo Game Show. Although they may want to hand out special cards at next year's show, instead of Hideo Kojima foldout fans.

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