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This is our last story about PS3 Last Remnant... or is it?


You probably never thought you'd hear about the PlayStation 3 version of Last Remnant again. Well... maybe just one more time.

I'm not sure where this image is from, but it appears to list upcoming "Famitsu Choice" titles. September, shown at top, includes games like Tales of Xillia, Gears of War 3 and Legend of Heroes. Below that are games that are due out in October and beyond. Listed amongst Final Fantasy Type-0, Final Fantasy XIII-2, New Love Plus and Photo Girlfriend -- games we know are coming out -- is the PlayStation 3 version of Last Remnant -- a game we're pretty sure won't ever be coming out. The listing flags the game as date TBA.

The games immediately above Last Remnant are Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy XIV. We're going to speculate that some Famitsu intern just picked out all the Square Enix games from Famitsu's release list.

Or maybe there is a reason why the game's cancellation was never formally announced...

[via My Game News Flash]

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