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Next Look at Itagaki's Devil's Third Coming in 2012

Debut title from former Team Ninja head currently 20 to 30% complete.

When we next see Devil's Third, it may look a bit different from this shot that was released at last year's E3.

Devil's Third, Tomonobu Itagaki's debut title at the newly formed Valhalla Games Studio, is, for the second straight year, nowhere to be seen at Tokyo Game Show. But Itagaki himself is, for the second straight year, making the rounds with the press discussing the project. Here's some of what he said to Famitsu.com.

Back at E3, Valhalla showed a teaser clip hinting at an update on the game at Tokyo Game Show. The reason the TGS showing didn't happen appears to be due in part to PR strategy, taking into account the planned release time period. However, Itagaki assured that development is progressing well, and asked that we wait just a bit more.

Famitsu asked how things have progressed since the E3 tease. The game has progressed to the 20 to 30 percent state, replied Itagaki. It has become even more high tempo, and the action has become extremely nice. The people on publisher THQ's side are having a great reaction to the game.

One area that's being worked on is player count. This has increased greatly. While Itagaki joked that getting up to 256 players would not be possible, he said that he hopes to reach 32. He also added that having more players is better, as Devil's Third is a war game.

Regarding when we'll get our next look at the game, Itagaki said he expects this early next year. What we see then will be completely different from the first trailer that was shown at E3 in 2010. It's a whole different level.

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