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A Few New Tales Details at Yappari Tales Special Stage

Namco Bandai provides a couple of teases about Innocence R and Tale of the Heroes.


Namco Bandai held the "Yappari! Tales of Special Stage" event on the last day of the Tokyo Game Show today. While most of the Tales news had already been announced the day before, a few bits were left for this event.

Regarding Tales of Innocence R, the PlayStation Vita remake of DS title Tales of Innocence, producer Minatsu Murakita revealed that the game's voices are being re-recorded from scratch.

Regarding Tales of The Heroes Twin Brave, director Hironori Naoi revealed that in addition to a playable cast from 15 past Tales games, the game will also have bosses from those titles.

The rest of the event had the usual mix of voice actor banter and live skit performances. Check out Famitsu.com for pics.

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