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From Software has set a new final release date for Armored Core V. The PS3 and Xbox 360 sequel are now due for release on January 26, 2012, priced ¥7,800.

This is a "new" final date because the game was previously announced for release on October 20. Last month, From Software announced a delay to January to brush up the product based off feedback from beta testers.

The release date announcement was made at the "From Software Game Festa 2011" event, a fan demo event which was held on Sunday at Hotel The Manhattan near the Tokyo Game Show event space. Visit Impress Watch for pics from the event.

In other From Software and Armored Core news, From announced at the Game Festa event the formation of its very own sound label, "From Sound Records." The first album from this label is Armored Core Reprises, a set of 15 tracks from past Armored Core games, including 3 from ACV. The music is being selected by FreQuency, a band formed by From's sound team. Look for the soundtrack on iTunes and CD (exclusively through Amazon) in late November.

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