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Meet The New Character in Tales of Innocence R

Famitsu shares the latest screens of the PS Vita port.


Famitsu.com's new preview of Tales of Innocence R, the PlayStation Vita remake of DS title Tales of Innocence, has our first look at a new character, Kyu Kyu.

Voiced by Saki Fujita, Kyu Kyu is from another world and claims to be an archaeologist. She doesn't speak the language particularly well. Her important measurements are 18 years, 160 centimeters and 50 kilograms.

Outside of the new character, the game will have touch controls, allowing you to tap the character icons on the lower part of the screen to select skill commands you've slotted in advance.

The site also reveals that the game will have some sort of new system that will apparently "make players want to play good." Details will be shared later.

In an interview with Weekly Famitsu, summed up at Sokuho, producer Ryuji Odate says that the game will have a scenario rewritten from scratch. Its voices are also being re-recorded, so he feels even those who played the original will find a fresh experience. The game also has a new image song from Kokia.

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