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Man Arrested After Selling Stolen Game to Used Game Shop

Boy finds his own character in used replacement copy of game.


Kyoto police have arrested 50-year-old Hiroyuki Kaneda on suspicion of stealing an eight-year-old boy's game software and game machine.

The theft allegedly took place in late May at a supermarket, where the boy had left his game machine and game. The boy's father found a replacement copy of the lost game at a used game shop a few hundred meters from the supermarket and purchased it. This used copy of the game turned out to be the boy's original copy, as it had his saved character data.

The father filed a report with the Kyoto police one day after purchasing the used game. Police believe Kaneda stole the boy's pouch from the supermarket bathroom, then sold its contents to the used game shop for cash.

While the theft took place on May 22 and the father filed the report on June 1, the arrest took place just yesterday.

[via My Game News Flash / Sponichi]

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