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Golden Fantasia X Play Modes Revealed

Play Alchemist's fighter online and offline.


Alchemist has shared details on the play modes that are included with the Xbox 360 version of 2D fighter Ougon Musoukyoku X, aka Golden Fantasia X.

Here's what Xbox 360 players can look forward to:

Arcade Mode

Face off against the CPU in a total of seven fights. Depending on your character selection, you'll get a story mode with mid-fight conversation scenes and ending CG. The 360 version has new scenarios that were not included in the PC version.

Versus Mode

Select player vs player, player vs CPU and CPU vs CPU watch mode.


You can set parameters for a training fight against the CPU.

Xbox Live

Includes rank match, quick match, session search, session creation, and player match. The rank match and player match modes allow for matching while you're playing the game's training mode.

Ranking modes include ranking, player ranking (based off your Player Rating Points) and character ranking (based off your per-character Character Rating Points). The rankings let you download replay data to your system.


View the replays that you've downloaded here.


View the ending and loading images.


View user records for offline and online modes.


Set difficulty, controller, time limits, etc.

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