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Namco Bandai Spent Two Years Making Wii Minigameathon Go Vacation

Namco Bandai may have the ultimate Wii mini game collection in Go Vacation

Namco Bandai's latest family-oriented Wii game Go Vacation is more than just a mini game collection. While the primary play consists of mini games, it looks like Namco Bandai has put some major resources into development.

In an interview with Inside Games at the Tokyo Game Show, producer Kenya Kobayashi, who previously produced Family Ski and directed Ridge Racer & & 7, said that the game has been in development for two and a half years. Counting just staff within Namco Bandai itself, the game's staff count is over 100.

The goal for the game, said Kobayashi, was to deliver the ultimate family game, and the definitive Wii title. The game includes 50 mini games, with such variety as car race games and water gun shooting matches. Outside of the mini games, the game's four resort areas are fully 3D areas. You can freely walk, swim and ride vehicles through them. As you explore, you'll discover new mini games. The resorts even have hidden treasure boxes and hidden areas.

While running through the game trying out all the games will take 15 to 20 hours, Kobayashi said that players who try to do everything can expect a 100 hour play experience -- possibly even 200 hours. The game includes 8 save slots, so your family and friends can have their own personal save.

Go Vacation is due for release on October 20.

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