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Compile Hearts' Mystery Love App is a PS3 Game

From Compile Hearts' teaser site.

Looks like we've all been had! The teaser site Compile Heart opened earlier this week had a cell phone in the backdrop and the word "appli" in the text, making us think the mystery title was a cell phone game. Dengeki reveals this week that it's actually a PlayStation 3 title!

Called "Touch Shiyo! Love Application," or "Let's Touch! Love Application," the new PS3 title is said to be an adventure game. It looks like the "appli" part of the comes from "yPhone" smartphone you use in the game. This phone has an app that be used to determine what your love interest is thinking.

The teaser site, accessible here, listed Tamsoft in the credits. Dengeki reveals Tamsoft to be the developer. The game has character designs from Katsuyuki Hirano.

Love Application is due for release in February. It will be priced ¥7,329 in standard form and ¥9,429 as a limited edition. The LE includes two mini figures, a y-Phone charm and six cards. Both versions include a visual book as a pre-order bonus.

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