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Falcom shares latest on Ys Vita, plans continued development for PSP


Falcom has been one of the PSP's biggest supporters, and even with the system's successor coming out later this year, that support won't be letting up. In a Dengeki PlayStation interview this week, CEO Toshihiro Kondo reveals that his company is developing a PSP game alongside PlayStation Vita's Ys Celceta Sea of Trees. Kondo also hints that the PSP title may come out ahead of the Vita Ys game.

Celceta Sea of Trees, which was announced at Tokyo Game Show a couple of weeks back, is the main focus of Dengeki's Falcom coverage this week. A few intriguing points from the Kondo interview include:

  • The game will offer a refreshing/invigorating gameplay feel that is far beyond that of Ys VII.
  • On PSP, Falcom had to lower their sound quality due to memory constraints. This is not a problem on Vita.
  • The camerawork will be more dynamic than that of Ys VII.
  • They're planning on improving the visual quality straight through the end of development with things like effects.

Ys Celceta Sea of Trees is targeted for Vita release in 2012.

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