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Microsoft Bundles Your Shape Fitness Evolved With Xbox 360 and Kinect

Price remains the same for limited production year end bundles.


Microsoft Japan announced today the release of two limited production Xbox 360 hardware value packs for the year end sales rush.

Two bundles will be released on October 13: Xbox 360 4GB + Kinect Value Pack for ¥29,800 and Xbox 360 250GB + Kinect Value Pack for ¥39,800. The bundles include liquid black versions of the system, a matching Kinect sensor, a wireless controller, Kinect Adventure! and Your Shape Fitness Evolved. The 360 Gigabyte pack also includes three months of Xbox Live Gold Membership.

Similar Kinect bundles are currently available at the same price, but minus You Shape Fitness Evolved and the Xbox Live Gold Membership bonuses.

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