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Meet the Girls of PS3 Mind Reading Molestation Game Let's Touch


Compile Heart moved the official site for Let's Touch: Love Application from a teaser state to a slightly less teaser state, allowing us a first look at the lineup of girls.

Not to be confused with Let's Tap, which is a family oriented rhythm game and empty box peripheral from the maker of Sonic the Hedgehog, Let's Touch is about peering into the mind of unsuspecting girls to determine what they're into. And then... well, we don't know if there will be any actual touching going on, as Compile Heart hasn't shared gameplay details.

By the way, I'm not totally sure if the name is supposed to be translated as Let's Touch. The URL says "Touch Shot," which is another way the Japanese name can be read. The next time you read about the game here, it may be under the name Touch Shot, which isn't nearly as funny as Let's Touch, but it probably makes more sense given the cell phone theme.

The cell phone like thing pictured in the artwork at the site is a "yPhone," a special device that lets you read the minds of the game's girls. Dengeki PlayStation provided an introduction to the girls, and the results of scanning them with your yPhone.

I believe these descriptions correspond to left to right with the artwork, but I'm not totally sure.

Mayu Shinonome (voice: Misato Fukuen)

She's cool and into the military. View her through your yPhone, and you'll find that she's into movies and likes reenacting scenes and collecting goods. She also likes strong stimuli.

Satsuki Aiba (voice: Yuko Goto)

She's class president and is popular amongst boys and girls alike. She's a high class girl, and it doesn't seem that you'd have a chance at going out with her. View her through your yPhone, though, and you'll find that she's prone to delusions and has a perverted side.

Kaya Kinosaki (voice: Asami Shimoda)

She's the daughter of a the CEO of a major game company. View her through your yPhone, and you'll find that although she's normally S, she is, in reality, M. She likes it when her hair is stroked.

Aoi Takigawa (voice: Marina Inoue)

She's positive and polite. She's a part of the swim club, even though she had a past accident that gave her trauma and made her incapable of swimming. View her with her yPhone, and you'll find that likes being covered in her own sweat. She also likes putting on lotion.

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