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Phantasy Star Online 2 Service Pushed Back to 2012

Second alpha test to be held in early 2012.


Phantasy Star Online 2 will not be making its planned 2011 service in date. Sega announced today that official service for the online title will not begin until 2012.

In a message at the game's official site, producer Satoshi Sakai said that the schedule change was decided upon after considering what players and staff want from the game following feedback from an alpha test period.

Famitsu.com posted an interview where Sakai said that the team received over 20,000 opinions and requests from alpha test players regarding all areas of the game, including the action component, the user interface and controls, the communication component, the quest component and the character create component.

The game will see a second alpha test in early 2012, Sakai told Famitsu. Those who took part in the August alpha test will be able to take part. Sega will also be accepting additional participants in December.

A beta test will follow, but Sakai would not give a specific time frame for this or the start of official service.

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