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Gravity Daze Creator Aiming for Seamless Play Experience


The various crappy Japanese blogs have recently been causing a fuss about PlayStation Vita's Gravity Daze's load times based off videos like this:

Is this latest title from Siren creator Keiichiro Toyama going to really take a minute and a half to load, as shown in that video from E3?

Toyama addressed the load time issues at Twitter today. He admitted that the loading in the E3 build was just as the video shows. However, the E3 build was completely unoptimized. The loading has been greatly reformed since then.

Toyama also added that as the game is an open world, its loading paradigm calls for a lengthy loading when you boot up, but after the start of play they're aiming for as seamless a play experience as possible.

[via Hachimaki]

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