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Ni no Kuni Manzai Promo Video Suggests No Magic Book for PS3 Version


Level-5 has released the second and third entries in a series of "manzai" style promo videos for the PS3 version of Ni no Kuni.

In the second video, our hilarious manzai duo attempts to explain how the PS3 version of the game differs from the DS version. One member says that the PS3 version will not include the magic book that came with the DS version. The other one responds that this is okay because a digital version of the book is included (you can see a bit of the in-game book in the video).

I don't recall Level-5 ever saying that the book would not be included with the PS3 game. However, unless this is a rare irony-filled manzai, it looks like the PS3 version will be missing a major collectors bonus.

Watch both manzai clips below.

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