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Level-5 Readying Updated Little Battlers eXperience

Leaked retail fax shows updated version, planned for November retail and download release.


A fax that was supposedly sent out to retailers shows an updated version of Level-5's PSP RPG Danbol Senki, also known as Little Battlers eXperience. Titled Danbol Senki Boost, the game is due for release on November 23, priced ¥4,980 in retail form and ¥4,480 in download form.

The fax lists new actions, including dual blades and dual guns, along with an updated ranking battle and cooperative boss battles. Players will be able to import their data from the original, and will also be able to play multiplayer with owners of the original.

Coo Coro Comics is scheduled to show Boost in its issue that's due for release on October 15. Level-5 will announce the game at Level-5 World, which is being held on October 15 and 16. Assuming the fax is legit, expect further details then.

The fax in question.

Perhaps more than the additional content, the availability of a download version is the big news here, as it means the game will be accessible to Vita buyers.

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