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PlayStation Vita Gets Unlimited Use High Speed 3G Plan From NTT DoCoMo


Back at the Tokyo Game Show, NTT DoCoMo announced a couple of pre-paid 3G cards for use with PlayStation Vita. Portable gamers could pick up 20 hours of standard 3G use for ¥980 and 100 hours of standard 3G plus 3 hours of high speed 3G for ¥4,980. Sony will be including the latter as a freebie with the first 500,000 3G model systems.

There's an even better plan for those who plan on taking their Vita online frequently, as shown in a pamphlet promoting Vita 3G plans.

For ¥5,460 a month, you can get unlimited data through your Vita. This is the same "FOMA high speed" access that's included in the 3 hours bonus time with the 100 hour pre-paid card. It offers 14Mbps download and 5.7Mbps upload, far above 3G's 128kbps/64kbps speeds.

Different from the pre-paid plans, the unlimited high speed plan requires a monthly data contract. The plan will also be available as a sliding ¥1,000 to ¥5,985 plan, where the base fee is ¥1,000, and you get charged for use until you reach ¥5,980, where you can continue with unlimited use at no additional charge -- this is a typical option for data plans.

This unlimited high speed plan are actually just a standard DoCoMo data offering which is available for other devices. At the Sony press conference, DoCoMo said that its various data plans would be available to Vita users, but this is the first time we're seeing something other than the pre-paid cards marketed to potential buyers of the system.

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