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More Legend of Heroes To Come

Falcom CEO says he was thinking about future developments for series while finishing Trails in the Sky story.


With the recently released Ao no Kiseki, the story that started with last year's Zero no Kiseki (known internationally as Trails in the Sky) has come to an end. But this doesn't mean the "Kiseki" subseries of the Legend of Heroes series is done.

In an interview with Gemaga, portions of which were posted at partner site 4Gamer today, Falcom CEO Kondo Toshihiro Kondo said that when planning Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki he was also thinking of a completely different Kiseki title. He hopes to develop this in the future.

Kondo also said that he'd like for his development staff to use the techniques and concepts they built up while developing the Kiseki series to make something new.

Images via 4Gamer.

The Kiseki subseries will continue in the short term even without original games, as a PlayStation Vita version of Zero, with full voice, is due for release in 2012. An original video animation based off Sora no Kiseki is due for release in November.

In addition to the pages and cover images, 4Gamer also uploaded images of the Ao no Kiseki poster that's included with Gemaga. See 4Gamer's report here

Images via 4Gamer.

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