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More Evidence Surfaces For PlayStation Vita Hatsune Miku

Plus, what's the mystery Wii U RPG that's being made in Setagaya?


Earlier in the week, a job listing seeking planners for a PlayStation Vita version of Hatsune Miku Project Diva popped up. This was big news because Sega had not yet announced a Vita entry in the popular rhythm series.

Following the listing's discovery, Shoji Tatsuya of Project Diva developer Dingo posted at Twitter that the listing was not from his company. He also expressed doubt that it was from Sega either.

Theories began appearing that this was all the doing of Sony fanatics (I think -- but I may be wrong -- they're referred to as "Gate Keepers"). The theory was that these fans were disgruntled that Sega had announced a cute 3DS entry in the series three weeks back.

Today the story took another twist. Some people found a job listing at recruitment site Creative Village seeking planners to work on a music game for PlayStation Vita. While the listing does not say the company's name, it does list the location: Tokyo's Ota Ward, home to Sega:

Of course, this may be unrelated to Hatsune Miku. Maybe it's a port of 3DS rhythm game Rhythm Thief?

In other recruitment finds, the Creative Village game recruitment page also has a listing for planners to work on level design for a next generation RPG targeting Wii U. The company behind this listing is in Setagaya Ward (home of Hamster and hopefully some other game company).

[via My Game News Flash]

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