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Konami Selling Love Plus Girlfriend Hearts With Bonus Download Content


How big are the hearts of the Love Plus girlfriends? The answer is eight gigabytes.

Konami is selling 8 gigabyte SD cards themed around girlfriends Nene, Rinko and Manaka, and they've for some reason named the items Nene's Heart, Rinko's Heart and Manaka's heart. Each "heart" sells for ¥2,604 and will be available on December 8.

That's also the release date for New Love Plus. The memory cards come with special in-game items for the 3DS title. Buyers at Konami Style can select between Plan A, consisting of a hat gift and a special "Night Cruise Pair Ticket" date, or Plan B, consisting of a ring, an apron and a muffler and sweater set.

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