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Keiji Inafune Teams with Neptune and Agarest Senki Director For New RPG

Compile Hearts' teaser site from last week said something about New Keiji Inafune becoming overall producer at Idea Factory.

The identity of the recent "New Keiji Ianfune" project from Compile Heart has been revealed in Dengeki PlayStation this week. New Keiji Inafune -- whom most are assuming is a new version of the same Keji Inafune who used to work at Capcom -- is producing "Attouteki Yuugi Mugen Souls," an RPG for an undisclosed platform. Compile Heart will publish the game in March of next year.

The exact nature of the game is a bit unclear based off the information that's leaking out of Dengeki (the magazine doesn't actually hit shelves until later in the week). It appears that you control a big headed character, making use of infinite combo attacks and powerful moves, like your "Triple Counter Stop which can deal 1 trillion points of damage. You'll be able to create your own characters, editing hair style, voice and so-forth, and raise them to endless levels -- hence the "Mugen," or "infinity," of the title.

Characters introduced in the magazine include Shu Shu Infinite (voiced by Yukai Tamura), Ryuto (voiced by Hiromi Hirano), Altis (voiced by Saori Hayami) and Shambre (voiced by Emiri Katou).

Outside of New Keiji Inafune, the game's staff includes Kenta Kanno as director. Kanno previously directed Spectral Souls, Agarest Senki and Neptune Mk2. The game's characters are from Kei Nanameda, Ryoji and Takehito Harada. The game will also have "erotic" visuals (presumably erotic like the stuff from Agarest Senki), drawn by Katsuyuki Hirano. The game's music is from Kohei Sato.

This is usually what they mean by "erotic" art (Agarest Senki 2 shown)

In an interview, New Keiji Inafune said that he hopes to the game will sell a million copies, and added that he's not joking. Praising the game's staff, he said that if likened to cars, they'd be like riding a Ferrari or Porsche.

Most interestingly (?), it appears that Inafune is writing and singing the game's theme song.

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