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New Keiji Inafune Is Not Keiji Inafune

New details on Compile Hearts' new PS3 RPG, which is not actually being produced by Keiji Inafune.


We've been reporting that Mugen Souls, the new PlayStation 3 RPG from, Compile Heart is being produced by Keiji Inafune. This is incorrect.

The new game is being produced by Keiji Shin Inafune, or New Keiji Inafune (or maybe Keiji New Inafune). Sokuho@Hokanko which has the issue of Dengeki PlayStation where the game is revealed, says that New Keiji Inafune is different from the Keiji Inafune who once served as head of development at Capcom.

All this talk of Keiji Inafune being involved in the project began last week when Compile Heart posted a teaser clip for the game mentioning a "New Keiji Inafune" as overall producer. Given that Inafune had been working with Compile Heart and parent Idea Factory over the past year, the general assumption was that the game really was being produced by Inafune.

It appears that Compile Heart did intend for everyone to think New Keiji Inafune and the real Keiji Inafune were the same person. The real Inafune was mentioned in Dengeki's interview on Mugen Souls. New Keiji Inafune says that he has respect for the real Inafune, and loves Mega Man.

Dengeki has a bunch of additional details on Mugen Souls beyond what we reported earlier. Notable points include:

  • The game's story centers on Shu Shu Infinite, a girl who has a special ability to change her personality and form.
  • Shu Shu normally spends her time traveling around stealing ships, but she's now become determined to take over the world of "Nanayokai."
  • Nanayokai has a different world on each of the seven days of the week. Each world has a unique hero and demon.
  • Your base of operations is G Castle, a ship that Shu Shu stole and reformed. You can go here to create a character, setting costumes, hair style, accessories, voice and so-forth. The characters are based off characters from G Crest's Selfy online portal (see here).
  • The risque artwork that our previous story mentioned will be shown in G Castle's hot springs area. You'll also find some mini games.
  • The game's battle system will let you do massive damage. One screen shows 9356 hits at 99999999, totaling 933278156872 points damage.
  • You and your party members can team up by forming a tower, standing on top of the enemy, and making the enemy spin around and hit things.

Mugen Souls will be released in March, priced ¥7,329 in standard form and ¥9,429 in limited form. The limited version includes a DVD and Nendoroid Puchi figures.

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