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Youkai Watch Screenshots

Level-5's new franchise spans games, anime and manga.


Level-5 took the veil partially off Youkai Watch today at the Level-5 Vision press conference. Youkai Watch is the company's third crossmedia franchise, following Inazuma Eleven and Little Battler eXperience.

Only a few overall concept details were shared at the event. Youkai Watch stars a boy named Keita who uses his watch to call out strange creatures, the "youkai" of the title, into battle. A trailer that debuted at the press conference showed Keita alongside his comical ghost buddy Whisper.

Level-5 said that Youkai Watch will span manga, anime and games, with the manga appearing in Coro Coro Comics. As for the game side, it listed the platform, release date and genre as "???."

Access the game's official site here (as of this writing, the site is not yet open).

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