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Japanese Daytona USA Dated For October 26

Sega announces Japanese release for HD revival of arcade classic.


As expected, the announcement Sega was teasing yesterday at Nico Nico Video was the Japanese release for Daytona USA. In Japan, the arcade classic will see its HD revival on October 26, priced ¥900 on PlayStation 3 and 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360.

The specs are the same from when Sega announced the game internationally last week. Daytona USA features HD visuals and support for eight player online play. Modes include a time attack mode, a challenge mode, and a karaoke mode so that you can sing along with the Rooooooooooooring Staaaaaaaart (In a video at Nico Nico Video today, Sega writes it as "Rooooling Staraaaaaaaat!!!!" in case you wanted an official spelling)

You can see Sega Europe's announcement trailer from last week below.

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