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Meet Keiji Shin Inafune

No relation with the Capcom guy.


Following a bit of confusion, it was determined a couple of weeks back that the Keiji Shin Inafune who's producing Mugen Souls for Compile Heart isn't actually the Keiji Inafune who once made games like Dead Rising and Mega Man at Capcom. So who is this mystery producer?

Dengeki Online provided some pics today:

Mugen Souls is Keiji Shin Inafune's first time producing a game. Being a producer is way harder than he'd expected, he admitted in an interview with the site.

Regarding his relationship with the real Keiji Inafune, Keiji Shin Inafune said that he has great respect for his colleague. He considers Inafune a sort of idol.

Dengeki doesn't say what Keiji Shin Inafune's real name is (or maybe that is his real name?), and it doesn't say if he worked on any other games in the past.

Japanese readers will find the game's theme song at the Dengeki page. The site also posted that appeared in the recent issue of Dengeki PlayStation.

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