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Akihabara Porn Game Shop Manager Gives Nod to Shinobi 3D


Sega's Shinobi 3D is not a porn game. But it is being stocked at one particular adults-only "eroge" game shop.

Akihabara adults game shop Medio! Akihabara has posted promotional materials for the upcoming 3DS title (due for release on 11/17). The display includes a notice from the manager saying that even though the shop deals only with adult titles, he personally wants to sell Shinobi 3D too, so they've decided to sell it exclusively on a pre-order basis.

Akiba Blog reports that the shop's Shinobi 3D display is set up on a shelf filled with bishojo eroge. The game is also being demonstrated on a television that is covered in eroge promotional materials.

The shop owners say that they are refraining from creating a "naked apron" telephone card bonus for the game's Sarah character even though they really want to.

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