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Here's our first look at Solange, the main character of the new side scrolling action game Code of Princess (earlier, we mistakenly wrote the game's name as "God of Princess").

A 1/7 scale figure of the character was put on display in Akihabara back in February, months before the game's announcement.

Code of Princess actually isn't a totally original game. It's based off the Code of Princess fantasy world created by Kinu Nishimura, who's listed in Famitsu's information box as the game's character and world designer.

Screenshots in Famitsu's debut article this week make Code of Princess look like Treasure classic Guardian Heroes. The game has side scrolling, multi line play, and multiple playable characters each with combo attacks.Outside of Solge, the magazine introduces Lady Zozo the zombie girl (she wears a pink scarf that says "milk") Ali the girl pirate, and Regro the elf (I'm not sure if Regro is the full name).

Multiplayer play includes quest-based cooperative play and versus combat. There's also a collection aspect, where you gather weapons and other items.

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