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Use the 3DS Gyro Sensor To View Your Girl in D3's Combination Love Sim and Escape Game


The title of D3 Publisher's 3DS game "If I was With a Girl in a Sealed Room, I'd Probably XXX" asks you to fill in the XXX with what you'd do.

There are a couple of things you may want to keep in mind.

First, the girl you're with is for some reason in a towel.

Second, and I'm not entirely sure if I'm reading this correctly, but it seems that you may actually be a little fairy rather than a person.

Finally, you happen to have your 3DS with you. The game supports the gyro sensor, so you can view the girl from any angle. Unlike the Love Plus girls, who'll look at you funny if you try to get a forbidden view, the girls here won't be alarmed apparently because you're a little fairy.

As detailed earlier, the sealed room is one of two parts in the new game.

In the "real world" part, the game is set up like a school based love sim. You attempt to woo the girl of your liking.

The sealed room part takes place in the game's "dream world." Here, you, possibly playing as a little fairy, attempt to escape from the sealed room with the girl.

The game apparently asks that you input the name of objects that you'd like the girl to interact with. In the screens below, the player is inputting "vacuum cleaner" (which is thankfully much shorter to write in Japanese).

Developed by Intense, "If I was With a Girl in a Sealed Room, I'd Probably XXX" -- that really is the name -- will be released on 3DS this Winter.

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