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Keiji Inafune Lends Name and Likeness to PSP Game Bakudan Handan


We've known since its announcement that Bakudan Handan has a character named Keiji Inafune. But would the game's Keiji Inafune bear any resemblance to the real Keiji Inafune?

See for yourself:

(For comparison, here are some pics of the real Inafune)

In the game's setting, Keiji Inafune is a 46-year-old game creator who has been taken hostage in a video game themed theme park he helped design. You play as Inafune's niece, Saki Inafune, and must attempt to free Inafune and the other park VIPs, all the while engaging in romance (the game is part love sim).

Even though he's being held hostage, Inafune will be able to text message you with advice to aid you on your quest.

Idea Factory lists the voice actor for Keiji Inafune's character as "???".

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