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tri-Ace's Frontier Gate Set for December 22, includes Suikoden tie-up


Final Fantasy XIII-2 won't be the last major RPG release for the year. Konami announced today that tri-Ace's Frontier Gate will make it out one week after FF, on December 22. The game will be priced ¥5,250 at retail and ¥4,800 as a download.

Konami will be releasing a special bundle set at Konami Style. This set includes the Frontier Gate Original Soundtrack, an original strap, and a clear file.

The soundtrack, bought on its own (priced at ¥2,800, release set for 12/21) or as part of the bundle, includes a product code for downloading a piece of armor themed around the main character of the first installment of Konami's classic Genso Suikoden franchise.

Frontier Gate mixes Monster Hunter with turn-based combat. Players team up in groups of three, each in charge of a custom character creation and a CPU-controlled pre made character. The game has 15 of those pre made characters, each with a unique story that can be enjoyed in solo mode.

Today, Konami updated the game's official site with details on the last three of those fifteen, Melphie, Olga and Asha (pictured below).

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