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First Look: Shining Blade

Famitsu's information box lists PSP and Vita for new Shining game.


Famitsu.com has finally posted a few of the screenshots of Shining Blade that debuted in Weekly Famitsu this week. Take a look below.

This latest entry in the Shining series is set in a fantasy world of swords and magic. The main character is the red-haired Reiji (voiced by Souichiro Hoshi), a "Soul Blader" who uses a "Soul Blade" weapon.

Dragonia Empire has taken the spirit power from throughout the land, and giant dragons are running amok. To stop the empire, Reiji travels the world, meeting along the way Altia the elf (voiced by Asami Imai) and the warrior Fenrill (voiced by Tetsu Inada).

See if you can figure out which character is which in this character art.

While Famitsu doesn't have much in the way of gameplay details, we may have already been briefed through some materials that leaked out of Sega back in May. For a look at those materials and some possible gameplay details (the game supposedly combines Sakura Wars' ARMS system and Valkyria Chronicles BLiTZ systems), see this story.

Famitsu.com's information box lists the game as due for release in Spring 2012, priced ¥6,279 at retail and ¥5,600 as a download. The site lists the game's platform as both PlayStation Vita and PSP. It's unclear if the game has any Vita specific features or if it just supports Vita in the sense that most PSP games can be played on Vita (although from what we've seen, Famitsu does not seem to be putting Vita in the information boxes in the latter case).

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