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Hideo Kojima checking the PlayStation Vita version of Metal Gear... and various other Hideo Kojima Tweets.


Here's Hideo Kojima checking the PlayStation Vita version of the Metal Gear Solid HD remakes.

I don't recall Konami ever sharing screenshots of the Vita version, so this may be our first look.

Here's the international Metal Gear Solid HD site:

The Japanese site opens tonight. The international site will open in November, says Kojima. He's checking it now.

Here's Hideo Kojima's arm at the hospital.

Kojima writes that the hospital staff seemed to treat him differently because he was in a suit as opposed to in t-shirt and jeans.

Finally, here's the Metal Gear Solid 2012 Notebook.

Due for release in mid November at ¥1,000, the book will be sold at convenience stores and bookstores nationwide. You can also pick it up from Amazon.

You may want to turn your internet to Kojima's Twitter, as he seems to be in one of those sharing moods today.

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