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Namco Bandai Brings Masou Kishin Sequel to PSP

New entry in Super Robot Wars spinoff to be bundled with remake of DS/SNES original.


Namco Bandai is reviving the Masou Kishin Super Robot Wars spinoff series for a new PSP entry. Weekly Famitsu has a first look this week at Masou Kishin II Revelation of Evil God.

You might recall hearing about Masou Kishin as a DS title from last year called Masou Kishin The Lord of Elemental. That game was a remake of the 1996 Super Famicom original.

To get PSP players up to speed with the series, Namco Bandai will also release a limited edition bundle that pairs the sequel with an remake version of the DS title that ups the visual quality and adds new mecha. This bundle will get just one production run.

Revelation of Evil God is due for PSP release on January 12, priced ¥6,280 in standard form and ¥10,480 as the limited edition bundle. The first trailer for the game will be released on the 1st.

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