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Tales of Innocence R is a remake of a DS title.

Namco Bandai is releasing Ridge Racer and Katamari Damacy at PlayStation Vita's launch with special time-limited discounts. The generosity will go beyond launch, though.

This week's issue of Famitsu reveals that the download version of Tales of Innocence R will carry a ¥4,980 price through April. The regular price for the download version is ¥5,380. If you want the game's package version, you'll have to pay ¥5,980, regardless of when you buy it (although as we like to point out, discounts at sensible retailers will usually get you the package version for about the same price as the download version -- plus, you'll get the special gadget app).

As previously detailed, Tales of Innocence R will be released on January 26.

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