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Final Fantasy XIII-2: Hope, Alyssa, Xanadu, Academia and More!


Square Enix shared the latest high res shots of Final Fantasy XIII-2 today. The screens include all the content that appeared in this week's magazines, including Hope, Xanadu and the Academia city.

Check out the shots below, along with details on what you're looking at.


These screens show Serah after a bit of time travel that takes her ten years after the fall of Cocoon to Yaschas Massif. There, she meets a grown up Hope, head of the first research unit at Academy, a group which hopes to create a future for the world without reliance on the fal'Cie.

The girl with the short hair is Alyssa, Hope's second-in-command. She has a cheerful personality, and is apparently treated as an idol.


This is the new capital of Cocoon, replacing Eden from the first game.


These shots are from the game's new Time Labyrinth system (you'll find a few details here). Serah and friends will find themselves in these labyrinths when jumping between time periods, and they'll have to solve the puzzles they encounter in order to get out. While some are required, there are also high difficulty stages that have nothing to do with the story.


Xanadu is a theme-park like floating city where you'll find such activities as slot machines and Chocobo races. The city uses its own "Casino Coin" currency, which you can obtain with your hard earned Gil. Save up Casino Coins, and you'll be able to obtain some exclusive goods.

The slot machines are shaped like an aero bike. You can earn up to 50,000 coins on one pull.

For the Chocobo Race component, you can race your own Chocobo, or you can just bet on the races in order to earn Casino Coins.


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