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Tales of Innocence R Has a Final Fantasy XII-ish Ability System


Check out the Final Fantasy XII-like looks of the new ability system Namco Bandai is preparing for Tales of Innocence R:

Namco Bandai hasn't officially announced the system yet, but Retailer Ami Ami, which shared the pic, says that it's called the "Style" system.

The Style system is part of the game's character ability component. You can set your character with abilities which provide various effects depending on the combination. During battle, you gain Ability Points, which can be used in the Style screen shown above to acquire new abilities. As you progress in the game, you'll gain access to additional abilities.

Based off Ami Ami's listing, it's unclear how the Style system's board component actually works, so we'll have to wait for official announcement to determine if the resemblance to FFXII's License Board are more than just superficial.

The License Board system in FFXII.

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