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Beyond the Labyrinth Limited Edition Includes AR Calendar

Konami Style has a couple of special versions of tri-Ace's 3DS dungeon RPG.


Konami's direct sales site Konami Style will be offering a couple of limited edition version of Beyond the Labyrinth that are loaded with goodies, some of which may have a direct effect on the game.

The game's "special version" includes the Beyond the Labyrinth 2012 AR Calendar. Konami says that this item will be compatible with the game's AR functionality, although it has not yet said what that functionality is.

The special version will be sold for ¥6,690, a bit more than the ¥5,800 standard version, and will include an original Beyond the Labyrinth cleaning cloth as a bonus. Konami Style will also offer a ¥9,315 Complete Set, which, in addition to the calendar, includes a 25 track soundtrack from composer Motoi Sakuraba. As a bonus, this will include both the cleaning cloth and a poster.

Konami Style lists the soundtrack on its own as well, priced ¥2,625 and due out one day ahead of the game, on January 18. The site does not list the calendar on its own.

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